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Sari Lehrhoff MD Psychiatry, NJ

Posted on February 10, 2016 by LisaGoodwinBodyandMind

I began my teacher training with Lisa Goodwin back in 2005 and I have been her student ever since.  During our training Lisa taught us postures in a way that opened up my body, and the emotional barriers I had locked up inside. Her ability for making posture expression accessible and attainable are unparalleled. Through Lisa’s guidance I found my “teacher-voice” and was able to later share her teachings with others.

What sets Lisa’s program apart from other trainings out there is her life-coaching skills. The wisdom she shares and the awareness brought forth during these sessions left me with a new understanding and appreciation for my soul. Lisa transported us to look within for discovery of our meaning and our purpose here on earth. With her gifts of both teacher training, and life coaching she changes lives and facilitate’s spiritual evolution.

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