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Saging Techniques with Lisa Goodwin

Posted on Uncategorized May 8, 2013 by LisaGoodwinBodyandMind

White Sage is used to cleanse your space

White Sage is used to cleanse your space

I was introduced to Saging about 20 years ago and I must admit I was quite skeptical. Even after reading several books on it and speaking with teachers that I trusted. It wasn’t until I had my own personal experiences did I become a believer and I invite you to do the same. We have all had times in our lives where we walked into a room for the first time and got a weird “vibe” or a really great feeling. Either way that alone is thought provoking. Why would that happen. It makes you wonder if there is actually negative energy that remains. In Ancient times and to many around the world to date Saging is a well known and useful way to eliminate any Negative energy that creates an uncomfortable feeling in the home or workplace or even on your physical being.

I would like to share the saging techniques I have been using for years with great and sometimes amazing results.

Saging technique taught to me by a tenth generation medicine woman

Light sage and begin placing it in front of your eyes saying “ I cleanse my eyes for anything I have seen that does not serve me” Repeat the same words while letting the sage burn and moving to your ears. Then moving the sage to your mouth and saying” I cleanse my mouth for anything I have said that does not serve me or others” repeat around your head for any thoughts that do not serve you or others.

Continue in front of your heart releasing any past hurts or resentments. Continue clearing and cleaning arms, hands, legs, every part of your body, even bottom of feet. Pay a little more attention to the base of the spine as it is believed that lower vibrational energy accumulates there.  Repeat “clearing and cleaning”, “clearing and cleaning”. Make sure to do behind your back releasing anything that was done or said behind your back.

“Now I have cleared any and all negative energy that has been attached to me and I have created a space within myself to allow all the Blessings from the Universe that are my innate Birth right……..And so it is.

Sagining Technique for your home or office

Light Sage, make sure to have a small bowl to carry around under sage to catch falling ashes. Start in any corner of the room moving the sage up and down the walls, covering as much space as you safely can. Remember that negative energy sticks in corners, underbeds and to clutter. It is important to speak positive affirmations as you move about the room. Some suggestions would be “Health to all who enter”  Love, harmony and peace. Really any Blessings you want for your home.
Saging the home or office is especially important if there were any illnesses or unhealthy emotions or arguments. Restoring the energy in the home back to balance creates a more enjoyable feeling to all.

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